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Audio: The Movie 2- World Of Noise

Audio: The Movie 2- World Of Noise




Tracer Audio DVD Specials!

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Our original Audio: The Movie was born from our popular DC LIVE/Forensics Audio Training. Audio: The Movie 2- World Of Noise picks up the pace by focusing on the various types of noise we encounter daily. We'll explain the origins of those noises and most importantly, the specific techniques for removing them from our lives forever!

This comprehensive 2 hour DVD has specific chapters dedicated to:

  • Hiss- Teapots and tapes aren't the only place this little pest hides...
  • Impulsive Noises-Clicks, pops and other things that go bump in the night!
  • Hum-Electricity brought it...we'll take it away!
  • Buzz-This electrical noise even bugs bees!
  • Plus- We'll cover Distortion, Dither, Artifacts and Changing Noises

Audio: The Movie 2- World Of Noise is your one stop authority and the great accumulation of noises you face each day.

Learning can be fun and with this light and whimsical approach to science, you'll likely be shocked when the 2 hours is complete and you're smarter than you were to start!

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