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Rek-O-Cut Rondine 3 Turntable

Rek-O-Cut Rondine 3 Turntable

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Rek-O-Cut Rondine 3 Turntable




Don't Return It To A Dirty Sleeve

Shiny new paper sleeves for your favorite vinyl

45 Adapter and Turntable Level - Add $75.00

100 New White 45 Paper Sleeves - Add $9.99

100 New White LP Paper Sleeves - Add $14.99

Need Any Record Stuff?

Cool supplies not normally found.

45 Adapter and Turntable Level - Add $75.00

Disc Doctor Record Cleaning Kit - Add $65.45

Gruv Glide Pre Play Anti Static Spray - Add $27.95

Keep Your Turntable On The Road

Some stuff you may need to make your turntable happy

Gruv Glide Pre Play Anti Static Spray - Add $27.95

HIFI News Test Setup Record - Add $43.95

Shure SC-4 Stylus Cleaner - Add $9.95


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The RONDINE 3 provides 33, 45, and 78 rpm and nine other fixed speeds for vintage discs and half-speed mastering. Its small DC belt-drive motor and Lo-Noise power supply results in very low rumble and ultra-low hum. Arm height is adjustable for all discs. The spindle is removable for correcting eccentric records. The Delrin platter is similar in composition to the actual discs played and provides them with excellent dampening, resulting in neutral sound.
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