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Diamond Cut Millennium E Version

Diamond Cut Millennium E Version
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When DC Millennium was released it became an instant hit. For the first time, restoration customers were able to run multiple filters on the same file simultaneously and also able to process multiple files at the same time using the new Multi-Filter and Batch File Processing. Though the product now shows its age when compared to the newer Diamond Cut products, its value is well established as a top shelf audio restoration and enhancement product and well worth the asking price. If you have a large vinyl or tape collection that needs noise removed on its way to CD, this is one of several options offered....also check out DC SEVEN and Audio Mentor.

We'll list some important features below, but just remember, the most important thing about Millennium is the ability to remove noise from recordings and enhance what's left.

Important Features

  • The Multi-Filter You can select Multiple different filters to apply to your audio in one session. Now you can apply click and hiss removal to clean up your file and then, in that same session, add some reverb and equalization to enhance your final product. This is a great time saver because you can handle many tasks in one single pass through your audio.
  • Batch File Processing Got 1000 files on your hard drive that you need to clean and enhance? Just select them all, tell Diamond Cut Millennium what processing you need, and it will process them all in one session. What will you do with all of your free time?
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC or AGC) This feature is particularly useful in Forensics applications where there is a large variation in signal levels between 2 different parties which may be communicating. It is also useful for Live recordings where crowd noise is a concern when the announcer is not speaking.
  • Output VU Meters Two 100 segment VU meters can be displayed which will indicate the output of any filters that are being used. These meters indicate the level of the left and right channels and have both average and peak reading ballistics.
  • Punch And Crunch This cool feature is a four band dynamic expander (punch) and compressor (crunch). It is a great method for breathing new life back into recordings.
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