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Cable Pak 3- AP192 Unbalanced Basic

Cable Pak 3- AP192 Unbalanced Basic

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Cable Pak 3- AP192 Unbalanced Basic




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This kit is designed to help you quickly and easily connect your Audiophile 192 sound card to any basic audio setup. Here's what we're assuming. You are plugging some sort of audio gear that uses RCA connectors into the sound card. For output, you are using your computer speakers that have an 1/8" Male plug.

If you're not sure what setup your system has, be sure to review our Cables Page.

This kit includes:

  • 1 RCA to RCA 3 Foot Patch Cable
  • 1 RCA to 1/8" 6 Foot Patch Cable
  • 1 1/8" Female to 1/8" Female Adapter Plug
  • 4 Mono 1/4" to RCA Female Adapter Plug

We've included a diagram below to make this process as painless as possible.

  1. We're going to take the RCA to RCA cable...plug the left and right male cable into 2 of the Mono 1/4" male to RCA female adapters. Then plug the adapted cables into the Line Inputs of the 192. The RCA ends of the cable will plug into the outputs of your stereo gear.
  2. We're going to take the RCA to 1/8" cable...plug the left and right male cable into the other 2 adapter plugs and plug those adapted cables into the Line Outputs of the 192. You will then take the 1/8" end of that cable, plug it into the remaining 1/8" female to female adapter plug and then plug the 1/8" plug from your speakers into this.
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