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AudioCenter Cord(s) Cutter Entertainment PC

AudioCenter Cord(s) Cutter Entertainment PC




Dress Up Your Cord(s) Cutter PC

Choose from the items below to dress up an already pretty cool entertainment system.

TV Tuner (Over Air Programming) - Add $99.00

Remote Control For Media Center And XBMC - Add $29.99

500 Gig Low Power Hard Drive - Add $99.00

Phone Equipment - Add $50.00


Enter the appropriate quantity for this item below.

Call Toll Free 866 260 6376 To Customize Your System!

So what is the one of the hottest trends in home entertainment today? What trend combines a love of audio and a love of video? What trend offers more choices and more capabilities and also saves you a bushel basket full of money each and every month?

The answer is - cutting the cord to your cable or satellite company.

This trend is evidenced by the fact that, last quarter, cable and satellite companies lost over 200,000 net customers. And this trend appears to be accelerating. The reason is, at it most fundamental, financial. Writing a check for 0/month so you can see some 6 month old movies or the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo can get old pretty fast. But there's another reason - people are tired of paying for 500 channels when they watch a handful at best.


But no cable company can offer the flexibility and choices that exist on the internet. And that's where our Cord(s) Cutter PC comes in. This is not a specialized and inflexible Home Theater PC with little memory and barely enough cpu horsepower. Instead, it's a small and stylish PC built with real Desktop components and real desktop speed. You can use our new little beauty as a replacement for your old, outdated PC - Or you can dedicate it to providing all your audio and video needs right on your main big screen TV. 

So where does your audio and video come from? First, from your own collection. Our new addition will allow you to play all your existing audio and video files, regardless of where they are on your home network. It's super easy and includes all you need. 

You can also get programming from the Internet. Many, many video shows are available online as most networks make them available at some time or another. Your system will come ready to use with Hulu and Netflix installed. If you want to use both with the most available video, it'll cost about /month for each one. But you don't have to do that as there is so much available. 

The third place to get content from the air. We will optionally install a TV tuner in your Cord(s) Cutter so you can receive over the air HD programming. If you live in a city, you might get 50 or more channels. If you live in the country, you'll get less. In either case, you need an antenna. If you go here and put in your address, this website will predict how many over the air channels you'll be able to get.

Click Here

Our Cord(s) Cutter takes the work out of finding and configuring a system. Here's what you get: 

  • Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium
  • Windows Media Center (to receive over the audio programming, timer recording, etc)
  • XBMC (Full media streaming and receiving app designed to find programming on the internet). Pre-configured with the most popular
  • programming.
  • Hulu App Loaded
  • Netflix App loaded
  • Spotify Loaded (Unlimited US Music streaming with amazing library)
  • USTVnow Installed (Free internet reception of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW, PBS)
  • AMD 3.7GHZ processor with High End Graphics
  • HDMI, VGA and DVI ports for up to 2 monitors
  • 8GB DDR3 Ram
  • USB3 and USB 2 Ports
  • SATA III Ports
  • HD Audio
  • HDMI audio
  • 128GB SSD drive

Our new Cord(s) Cutter will pay for itself quickly if you cut the cord to your cable or satellite company as it's only $769!! And remember, it's a full featured PC as well so you can so all your normal PC stuff with it. 


  • Add TV Tuner card (installed) $99 (only needed for over the air programming)/li>
  • Add Remote Control to use Media Center and XBMC from your couch! $29.99
  • Add 500GB low power 2.5" hard drive $99 

Questions? You've got to have a least a couple. Call us toll free at 866-260-6376 and ask away!! 

We'll even answer the most obvious one now -- Why do you call it the Cord(s) Cutter. Why the "S?" 

For an extra $50, we'll include the hardware and information needed to cut the cord to your phone company as well. If you still pay for a landline, then you can stop writing that check too. Google Voice is free - at least for now - and, with the correct hardware, provides great calling using your existing wired or wireless phones to any phone in the US and the monthly cost is exactly ZERO. You'll get a new number or you can also keep your old number (but it's not quite as easy).


You get caller ID at no charge, voicemail at no charge, ringing of your calls on your cell phone and your home phone at the same time at no charge, an email when you get a voicemail with a written transcript of what was said - and oh, yes, it's at no charge. 

How much will you save by cutting the cords? Call us and we'll be glad to answer all your questions.

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