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Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)

Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)

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Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)
Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)
Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)
Forensics8 Audio Forensics Software Upgrade (previous version required)



This item is currently out of stock.


You must have a previous version of DC LIVE/Forensics to take advantage of the upgrade pricing.

DC LIVE/Forensics was released in 2000 and and filled an important gap that was missing from the Audio Forensics world at that time. Previously, all Forensics solutions were based on expensive hardware that was difficult to use, hard to repair and even harder to upgrade. For the first time, Forensics customers were able to analyze, enhance and improve difficult recordings using only a PC with a sound card. Today, though you can still purchase tres expensive solutions, there is little that cannot be matched by the power of Diamond Cut Forensics8. There is also a very popular 3 day training class associated with this product that allows members of the law enforcement community, private citizens and other Forensics professionals access to thorough information on not only the product itself but full details relating to preserving, securing, and testifying to Audio Forensics methods.

The list below represents only the features NEW to Forensics8. If you want to see why Diamond Cut Forensics8 offers the worlds most powerful arsenal of Audio Forensics Tools, you can Click Here

We're now proud to announce Forensics8! This powerful Forensics software product has all of the power previous versions of DC LIVE/Forensics but with some major new features! You'll still have the best odds on the planet of pulling a voice out of the recording muck.

New Features:

  • New Auto Voice tool - This is a Major new tool. It has two independent math processes that adapt in real time. One finds noise and the other finds human speech. These are then separated. This is a tool you should try first with any voice recording as it's so quick and easy.
  • New Cell Phone Noise filter - This new tool allows you to "teach" the program what a cell impulse looks like. It's then search out those impulses and remove them and replace the pulse with interpolated good audio. You'll find this is useful on a wide variety of cell noises that are picked up by nearby recorders.
  • New Spectrogram functionality - The tool has many enhancement but retains its super high resolution and fast speed. You can even scroll the spectrogram while playing audio. This is now a great tool to do authenticity studies.
  • New DeClipper Tool - now includes Two methods of repair of clipped and distorted signals. One has an adjustable strength and the other uses a method of frequency domain interpolation. The result is much more distortion is removed.
  • New Voice ID function - uses industry standard approach to allow you to see and rank the speech formants of a selected word, syllable or other speech. It also shows a frequency response plot and a Cepstrum graph. It provides the tools necessary for an expert analysis of speech characteristics.
  • New Overtone and sub-harmonic synthesizer - allow the operator to add some "fidelity" into muffled or otherwise hard to understand speech.
  • New support for Flac, Ogg Vorbis and Broadcast Wave audio file formats.
  • And much more!!!

Keep in mind that the list you see above are only the new features of DC LIVE/Forensics. This is the 8th version of the product...this is simply the best Audio Forensics product on the market! Don't even take into account that it's also one of the least expensive! If you are selecting one product to aid in the cleanup of audio for Forensic purposes, you won't find a more thorough toolkit or better technical support than DC LIVE/Forensics.

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