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Porch Swing Tutorial DVD - Getting Comfortable With Your Computer

Porch Swing Tutorial DVD - Getting Comfortable With Your Computer




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This time, our Porch Swing Tutorial series has set its sites on your computer. Many of you have expressed discomfort over the years...making folders, finding info when a tech asks for it, finding lost files...sound familiar?

Each and every day we take calls from folks who use DC SIX, feel pretty confident with it, but aren't on good speaking terms with that box it has to live in. Your computer is just like any tool you've ever used...only more powerful and twice as complex. Getting comfortable with it can give you an advantage and confidence with just about any job you choose to do. Our new Getting Comfortable With Your Computer tutorial is like inviting that smart friend to your house when you have computer issues. Rather than a 40 DVD set that covers every nook and cranny, we've chosen to focus on little things that can make your experience better and more productive. Like all of our DVD tutorials, we won't spend an hour telling you how smart we are...rather, we'll show you lots of examples and explain things in an easy to understand way that can make learning enjoyable. This one hour tutorial covers a multitude of topics...each designed to help you find better and easier ways to do things.

Chapters Include:

  • Organizing With Folders
  • Your Mouse and Keyboard
  • Easier Copy and Paste Methods
  • Cool Internet Stuff
  • Quick Launching Programs and Files
  • Your Desktop
  • Organizing Your Downloads
  • Sound
  • Installing Hardware
  • How Windows Works
  • Screen Capture, Program Jumping, The Clock and Other Short Subjects
  • CD Making
  • Finding Out Info About Your PC
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