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Family Memories Video Bundle

Family Memories Video Bundle



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Learnin is funů

DVD tutorials make learning fun and easy

8-Track Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

AudioThe Movie 2: World Of Noise - Add $9.95

Audio: The Movie Tutorial DVD - Add $9.95

Cassette Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

Getting Comfy With Your Computer DVD - Add $9.95

Better Restorations Training DVD - Add $9.95

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter - Add $9.95

Aiding Your Audio Testing

Make Testing Easy and Fun

DCAT Test Tone CDs - Add $35.00

HIFI News Test Setup Record - Add $43.95

Samson MM01 Testing Mic - Add $85.00


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Your Family Is Worth It!

This year, when you have everyone over, surprise them all with a wonderful compilation DVD that captures memories from years past

With Vegas Movie Studio and our DVD Xpress USB video capture device, you can create professional-looking home video presentations that let everyone in on the act.

First, you use the easy USB video capture to transfer all of your home videos, DVDS, or even live video to your computer. You can edit, polish and improve this video with stunning results.

From there, you use the Movie Studio software to assemble your project, add music, pictures...you name it and create a wonderful centerpiece for your holiday entertainment or even create affordable yet priceless gifts for your family.

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