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AudioCenter Over The Top PC

AudioCenter Over The Top PC





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How much is too much? We set out to explore that question when we spec'd out our new Audiocenter Over the Top PC.

  • First, it has a fast processor. You'd expect that. But it's over the top because it has 12 processing cores - 4 that behave like a normal CPU and 8 more than divide their time between providing astounding graphics and number crunching. It runs at a blazing 3.7GHZ and can be overclocked if you are into really pushing the boundaries!
  • Next, it's got a fast SSD boot drive. Not a tiny little SSD, but a real, spacious 240GB SSD drive. It's mated with a 6Gb/second SATAIII interface for even more blazingness.
  • How about memory? 4GB would do, of course. 8GB would be really nice, but that's not over the top enough for us. You get 16GB of DDR3 super fast memory.
  • A data drive is needed and 1TB is spacious and common. Too common for us - this PC includes 4TB of storage in addition to the boot drive.
  • How about an op system? Take your pick - Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. We can install the desktop shell to make Win8 a bit more comfortable to people familiar with win7 - and don't forget that Microsoft has hinted that you'll get Windows 10 for free if you own 8.1.
  • Of course, we also include our normal insane number of USB 2 and 3 ports, memory card ports, dual monitor support, and our built-by-hand quality.

If you want to go Over The Top, now is the time and you can do it for only $1399. If you want a bit more modest system, we can build that too and save you some money. Give us a call and we'll figure out what you need together.

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