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Tracer Audio Newsletter Archive

Welcome to our extensive collection of articles that we've archived from our 12 years of newsletters. This large list of articles are meant to educate and entertain. Some deal with specific tutorial topics while others are merely interesting reads.

If you are looking for our collection of FAQs or our Software Getting Started Guides, you can access them below by clicking on their specific links.

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The Tracer Newsletters

These Getting Started Guides are all in the PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader on your machine, you can download a free reader by going to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Using Anti-Artifact Mode

New to DC SEVEN and DC LIVE/Forensics SEVEN, this mode helps you push your filters harder before introducing additional noise into your files


Bake Me A Tape As Fast As You Can!

There just might be hope for those sticky old tapes you have locked away. This cool new method could help you salvage your tapes long enough to archive them.


Edison "NOT" The Worlds First Recording Superstar?

Perhaps the history books are wrong?


Using The Punch And Crunch In Diamond Cut

The Punch and Crunch filter is a great effect. This tutorial will walk you through it.

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Removing Vocals From Recordings

Your Diamond Cut software has the same power as those goofy machines you see advertised to remove vocals. If you want to sing on your favorite commercial recordings...this procedure gives you as good a chance for success as anything else out there.


Repairing Analog Distortion

There's no miracle cure for analog distortion, but this tutorial gives you a good shot at reducing it dramatically.


A Little Sound Card Primer

Thinking about putting a new soundcard in your computer for audio recording...read this first!


Using The Spectrum Analyzer

Take a peak inside the Spectrum Analyzer and learn how to better use it for your audio work.


A New Kind Of Amplifier Classification

The new T-Amp is stirring up excitment in the world of Audio Amps.


A Time Machine?

Our batch file processing and Multi-Filter help you ignore the boundries of time and space


Using The Tune Library

DC SEVEN and DC LIVE/Forensics SEVEN saw the advent of the new Tune Library...take a quick walkthrough and incorporate it into your normal routine.


Using Our Products For More Than Just Record Restoration

There are lots of cool things you can do with Diamond Cut...explore a couple of them here...


Another Tool To Remove Distortion

Try this novel approach and tool for removing distortion from your audio files.


More On The Diamond Cut Spectrogram Display

This indepth tutorial walks you through this cool visual analysis tool.


The New EZ Enhancer...A Tutorial.

This Easy tool can breathe new life into stale old recordings...learn how.


Monitoring Tricks

Fool your soundcard into working as a better monitor for your audio work.


Using HIFI News And Diamond Cut To Set Up Your Turntable Cartridge

This tutorial helps you "dial in" your turntable.


Windows Tips

These handy suggestions will enhance your work with Windows and also make you more productive.


Cleaning A Noisy MP3 File

We all listen to MP3 from time to time, but this audio is certainly different from the CD quality recordings we're used to...this will help you improve them.


The Codec Tutorial

How to load codecs into your system and use them to improve your work.


45 Records...Cool Facts!

This is a brief history of the 45...fun reading.


What Are The Correct Levels For Recording?

So where should your level meters be when you're recording into your computer? You might be surprised.


78 Records

Learn more about restoring 78 records.


Storing Your Treasured Video Tapes and Home Movies On DVD

This may seem like a black art, but we'll tell you an easy way to make homemade DVDs


Confusing Digital Video

We'll attempt to clear up the confusion surrounding Digital Video


Exploring The Theremin

An unusual article about an unusual instrument


Use One Mixer For Input and Output Simultaneously!

These handy hints will help you get the work of 2 mixers out of one!


Have To Send Large Files Over Email? Here's An Easy Way.

This handy service is free and lets you send big files to friends and co-workers.


Why Should I Run A Balanced System?

Are balanced systems better...do you need one?


One Piece Of Music That You've Never Heard As It Was Intended

Some guy named Walt had a cool idea...


The Damage Of Dropouts...How To Stop Them.

Nothing more frustrating than making a new CD and having dropouts on them...


Gold CDs...Are They Really Better?

Should you be making more use of Gold CDs? We'll tell you the facts.


Using Multiple Instances of Diamond Cut...Multiple Monitors

Get more out of your Diamond Cut Product...At least twice as much!


The Murky World Of The Frequency Domain

Lurking In Diamond Cut is a mysterious world...should you visit?


Using The Echo Effect To Simulate Stereo...Stereo...Stereo...

This handy tutorial helps you use the Echo effect for more than just cave sounds.


Don't Hate Me Because I'm Easy...

Under the hood of the EZ Clean Filter lurks the heart of some complex science.


What are all of the files that Diamond Cut uses?

You'll notice more than just Wave files in Diamond Cut. What do the other files do?


Goodbye Cell Phone Noise

Cells are everywhere and so is their noise. This tutorial wipes out cell phone noise!


Which Sample Rate And Bit Width Is Best For Audio Restoration?

Where should you set your recording in order to get the best files for Diamond Cut?


Your Personal History...No Greater Gift For Your Family

Who better to describe your life than you. This tutorial helps you prepare a log of your personal history that can be passed through generations describing your life in your own words.


A Treatise on Tape

Working with tapes? This tutorial has some helpful hints.


Flattening Your Room For Better Listening

Learn how to make your listening room a flat environment.


Acoustic Recordings And Gershwin

Learn about acoustic recordings in this interesting and informative article.


The Connector Conundrum

Learn more about audio connectors...be smarter...be happier.


The Hindenberg Flies Again...And Sounds Better Doing It!

Learn some interesting forensics facts about this infamous flight.


Thomas Edison and Topsy The Electrocuted Elephant

Need we say more? This is some interesting stuff.


Deep Inside Audio: The Movie

Much like Citizen Kane, we've created this FAQ on our Feature Presentation


Making A Business Out Of Audio Restoration

Do you have what it takes to make a career out of Audio Restoration?


Do You Need Multi-Track If You're Not A Musician?

Thinking about adding multi-track to your arsenal...here are a few good reasons why that might be a good idea.


Recording What You're Hearing

Ever wanted to record what you're hearing on the Internet or other streaming sources? This handy tutorial will make it simple.


Backing Up Your Precious Audio...The Best Way?

You've invested a bunch of time and effort into restoring your audio collection...this tutorial will help you guarantee it doesn't go to waste.


The Day The Music Died

Read about the end of an icon.

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