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DCAT3 Audio Test CD Set

DCAT3 Audio Test CD Set




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297 Test Signals On 3 CDs!

All DCAT-3 signals are announced on a separate track allowing any signal to be repeated using the loop-play feature on your CD player. DCAT-3?s signals are all tightly calibrated in frequency, amplitude and spectral distribution since they are all mathematically synthesized without the use of A/D converters Sine waves are very low in harmonic distortion content while square waves exhibit excellent rise times while triangle waves display exceptional linearity. Also, none of the signals contain any annoying transients since each signal is smoothly faded-in and faded-out.

DCAT-3 offers the user a great value at a very reasonable price.

DCAT-3 contains the following signal types:

  • Discrete Sine, Square, Triangle Waveforms
  • Swept Sine, Square and Triangle Waveforms
  • Random Noise signals including White, Pink, Brown, Subsonic and Seismic
  • Weighted Narrowband Random noise in 1/3rd Octave increments (31 signals)
  • Phase inverted and Quadrature signals
  • Left & Right Channel Only signals
  • Dual Tone signal for Intermodulation Testing.
  • Calibrated silence (DAC counts = 0)
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