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Treasured Recording Restoration

Treasured Recording Restoration

Memories Don't Have To Fade...

Our lives are full of memories of all types. Many of those voices from the past. Whether they be treasured Holiday Albums we remember from our child hood, or recordings of loved ones no longer present.

In many cases, those recordings are part of vinyl or tape collections that are fading each and every day. Tracer sells the worlds best audio restoration tools...but what if you don't have the time or the skills to clean these recordings using your computer? What if you only have one record and just can't justify buying our software to clean one record or tape?

Let the pros handle this...

At Tracer Technologies, we have 25 years of audio cleanup experience, the best tools in the business at our disposal and a healthy reverence for classic audio. We'll take those recordings, remove the noise of age and poor recording techniques and deliver you a new CD that sounds as if this memory happened yesterday.

How Do I Get These To You?

If you provide us an MP3 or .WAV format, we'll clean the audio for you and spit out a new CD for $39 per record.

Your audio hasn't sounded this good since the day it was recorded.

How Do I Get Started?

Call Toll Free...866 260 6376...We'll help.

First, let's talk about the recording. We have to get it in the proper format so that it can be processed using our tools. If you have a tape, LP or 45 that is the current source of this material, we have a tool that will help you record...you'll just need to wire things into your computer's sound card to make the recording.

You simply need to find a cable that connects the audio outputs of whatever audio system you have to your sound card's line input. (Virtually any employee at Radio Shack can help you with this). The computer input is a known source...it's either an 1/8 inch mini stereo jack...also known as 3.5mm. Again, you'll want the Line Input on your computer's sound card or chip. A Mic input is the last resort, as Mic inputs use small amps which are cheap and noisy. We're trying to eliminate noise here...not increase it. Practically all Desktop machines have the following look...you'll want the Blue jack.

Call Toll Free...866 260 6376...We'll help.

And The Software?

Our Diamond Cut Software products are the best in the world for recording, cleaning and editing audio. For this particular project, we can simply use a demo version of our popular DC EIGHT software.

Just download the demo and install it on your computer. Once you've successfully completed the install, simply launch the product.

Essentially, the software is going to turn your computer into a big tape recorder...you'll wire up the audio output of your audio device and plug it into the line inputs of your computer. Now, the software will monitor those inputs and record the results to your hard disk. We'll record the entire side, stop recording and record the other side, so you should have 2 large recordings.

Let's Record Some Audio...

Call Toll Free...866 260 6376...We'll help.

You'll see a series of icons all along the top of DC EIGHT. Simply choose the record button...it's the big red circle of the 3 choices you see below:

This will launch the recording screen of DC EIGHT.

Let's see if we have levels. Just click on the Pause Button. It's just to the left of the red record button. This turns on the recording channels without actually recording anything. Now, start your tape player or phone playing and you should see the green level meters start jumping to the sounds your device is making. Your green level meters should be registering right in the middle of the scale. You don't want too much gain here.

If your levels are too high or too low, just click on the "Adjust Levels" button in the recording window...this will launch your sound card's mixer and you can turn the line input gain up or down.

Once you're happy with the level, simply make sure you're at the point of the recording you want to record and then hit the "Record" Button. Now the software will record the output and create a new file.

Record your audio and then hit the Stop Button. You can then hit the Save button to save the file you've just recorded.

Call Toll Free...866 260 6376...We'll help.

Now you've got the file, just click on the Treasured Recording Services product below and we'll have you pay and provide instructions for getting your file to us.

Our audio restoration specialists will load your file into our system and remove a majority of the clicks, pops and hiss and enhance the remaining audio so it sounds the best it can. We'll then burn a CD for you and return it postage paid.

Call Toll Free...866 260 6376...We'll help.

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