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21st Century Vinyl DVD

21st Century Vinyl DVD




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How does Michael Fremer (Stereophile Contributing Editor and Analog Guru) start off his new turntable set-up DVD? With over 10 minutes of comedy, of course! But the coolest part of this three hour DVD is that it is filled with insight and expertise to help anyone get the most from their turntable! It's a practical guide; no math and no complex geometric formulas. He goes through all the basic parameters on a Pro-Ject RM-5, a Rega P5 and a VPI Scoutmaster. There will be cool animation to highlight certain points and the most important part: he makes all this fun and easy, in a way only Mr. Fremer can! That was his number one goal: To make everyone feel at ease attempting turntable set-up and optimization. This is a DVD that every analog lover will want on their shelves. Get a copy for yourself and one for your analog lovin' friends! Turntable set-up has never been this much fun!
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