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The 8-Track Tape Repair Guide DVD

The 8-Track Tape Repair Guide DVD



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Need Any Cassette Repair Stuff?

Repair treasured tape recordings with ease

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

8 Empty Cassette Shells W/Screws - Add $12.50

Cassette Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

Cassette Tape Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Learnin is fun?

DVD tutorials make learning fun and easy

8-Track Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

AudioThe Movie 2: World Of Noise - Add $9.95

Audio: The Movie Tutorial DVD - Add $9.95

Cassette Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

Getting Comfy With Your Computer DVD - Add $9.95

Better Restorations Training DVD - Add $9.95

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter - Add $9.95

Need Any Tape Repair Products

Repair you favorite Reel To Reels and 8 Tracks

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

Clear 1/4" Leader Tape for Reel to Reel - Add $23.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Sensing Foil For 8 Track Tapes - Add $16.95


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We've had numerous customers mention a certain fondness for 8-track tapes over the years. As strange a format as 8-tracks were, they certainly had a loyal following and a pretty good foothold on the entertainment industry for the late 60s and early 70s. Most of our customers, who have a love of audio throughout the years have "confessed" to a box or two of tape recordings that they've just not had the heart to throw away. Some folks even had rare recordings that were imprisoned on 8-track tapes with little hope of rescue in a world that has largely forgotten the format itself. Until now. Tracer is proud to introduce the 8-Track Repair Tutorial DVD. This comprehensive repair and restoration video will explain:

  • The History Of The 8-Track
  • Opening The Cartridges
  • Repairing Torn Tape
  • Replacing Sensing Foil
  • Repairing and Servicing Your 8-Track Deck
  • Replacing Your Pressure Pads
  • Restoring And Enhancing Your Audio Using Audio Mentor

This 40-minute DVD will answer your questions and provide a hands-on demonstration that will take the mystery out of the 8-track and let you archive those important recordings once and for all to CD, MP3 or other modern formats.

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