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The Cassette Tape Repair Guide DVD

The Cassette Tape Repair Guide DVD



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Need Any Cassette Repair Stuff?

Repair treasured tape recordings with ease

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

8 Empty Cassette Shells W/Screws - Add $12.50

Cassette Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

Cassette Tape Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Learnin is fun?

DVD tutorials make learning fun and easy

8-Track Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

AudioThe Movie 2: World Of Noise - Add $9.95

Audio: The Movie Tutorial DVD - Add $9.95

Cassette Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

Getting Comfy With Your Computer DVD - Add $9.95

Better Restorations Training DVD - Add $9.95

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter - Add $9.95

Need Any Tape Repair Products

Repair you favorite Reel To Reels and 8 Tracks

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

Clear 1/4" Leader Tape for Reel to Reel - Add $23.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Sensing Foil For 8 Track Tapes - Add $16.95


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There was no more popular mobile audio formats in the 1980s than the Audio Cassette. These popular tapes inhabited every car stereo, home stereo and Walkman on the planet. We've had numerous customers mention a certain fondness for cassette tapes over the years. Most of our customers, who have a love of audio throughout the years have "confessed" to a box or two of tape recordings that they've just not had the heart to throw away. Some folks even had rare recordings that were imprisoned on cassette tape with little hope of rescue in a world that has "gone digital". Until now. Tracer is proud to introduce the Cassette Tape Repair Tutorial DVD. This comprehensive repair and restoration video will explain:

  • The History Of The Cassette
  • Opening The Cartridges
  • Repairing Torn Tape
  • Repairing and Servicing Your Cassette Deck
  • Replacing Your Pressure Pads
  • Restoring And Enhancing Your Audio Using Audio Mentor

This 40-minute DVD will answer your questions and provide a hands-on demonstration that will take the mystery out of the restoration and repair and let you archive those important recordings once and for all to CD, MP3 or other modern formats.

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