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Ernest V. Stoneman - Edison Recording 1928 CD

Ernest V. Stoneman - Edison Recording 1928 CD




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Ernest V. Stoneman, one of the pioneers of recorded old-time music, was born in Carroll County, Virginia on May 25, 1893. He grew up in this music-rich area and in his youth was exposed to the wealth of religious music and old-time ballads of the people around him as well as the string band tradition that abounded in the mountains.

All of the recordings that Ernest made for Edison, fifty in all, were recorded in New York City between June of 1926 and November of 1928. The recordings made in 1926 were vocal solo's accompanied by Stoneman's own guitar and harmonica. When he returned to the Edison studios in January of 1927, he brought with him his "Dixie Mountaineers" to add fullness to the accompaniment.

  1. Remember the Poor Tramp has to Live
  2. The Prisoner's Lament
  3. All Go Hungry Hash House
  4. There'll Come a Time
  5. Sally Goodwin
  6. Careless Love
  7. The Eastbound Train
  8. The Unlucky Road to Washington
  9. The Old Maid and the Burglar
  10. Down on the Banks of the Ohio
  11. We Parted at the River
  12. It's Sinful to Flirt
  13. He was Nailed to the Cross for Me
  14. When the Redeemed are Gathering In
  15. Good-bye Dear Old Stepstone
  16. Fallen by the Wayside
  17. My Mother and My Sweetheart
  18. Midnight on the Stormy Deep
  19. The Pretty Mohea
  20. Watchman Ring That Bell
  21. I Remember Calvary
  22. He is Coming After Me
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