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The California Ramblers - Edison Laterals 2 CD

The California Ramblers - Edison Laterals 2 CD




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The California Ramblers was a very important White Jazz/Hot Dance band of the 1920's. The band changed personnel many times over its long history with many soon to be famous young artists appearing for a time. This CD contains two numbers with Glenn Miller featured on trombone. This collection is taken from the Edison Archives of lateral test pressings, most of which have never seen the light of day until recently. The CD includes liner notes by Richard Sudhaulter

  1. Me and the Man in the Moon 11/15/28
  2. You're the Cream in My Coffee 11/15/28
  3. Along Came Sweetness 12/14/28
  4. Button Up Your Overcoat 1/18/29
  5. Guess Who
  6. When I'm Walking With My Sweetness 3/8/29
  7. Sunrise to Sunset 4/5/29
  8. My Sin 4/25/29
  9. Wishing and Waiting for Love 6/4/29
  10. Broadway Baby Dolls 6/4/29
  11. Tiptoe Through the Tulips 6/26/29
  12. Someday You'll Realize You're Wrong 7/10/29
  13. The Song of the Blues 7/10/29
  14. Broken Idol 8/1/29
  15. Ain't Misbehaving 8/22/29
  16. Counting the Stars Alone 9/13/29
  17. Pretty Little You 9/13/29
  18. Love Ain't Nothing But the Blues 9/27/29
  19. Lady Luck 10/9/29
  20. I'm a Dreamer (Aren't We All?) 10/9/29

Total Playing Time: 65:28

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