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Integrity Dropout Detection Software

Integrity Dropout Detection Software
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Integrity is designed to quickly scan your audio files...whether they are still on your hard disk or have been copied to a CD. Integrity will find dropouts, report them and even launch the problem WAV files in your favorite audio editor. Now you don't need to listen to a CD before you pop it into your car. You'll know in minutes if your CD is problem free. Also, just as important, you can catch a WAV file with a problem before you waste your time making a problem CD.

How good is your recording/CD making system? The truth is, that for the most part, you really don't know. Most of the time, you restore your audio, spit out a CD and it sounds okay. But what about those times when you spend all day working on a restoration; finally spit out the CD and put it in your car stereo...only to find that track 7 has ticks or hiccups on it? It's maddening and its a very common occurrence. If this is your business, you have no choice but to listen to a CD in its entirety before shipping it out the door...this is both maddening and time consuming.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could test your system and your CDs for problems before it was too late?

Wouldn't it be cool if you had Integrity. (the software, we mean...)

Important Features

  • Fast As Lightning! This powerful software can quickly scan an entire CD's worth of songs in seconds. Find problems before you commit the audio to CD. Saves time and money!
  • Alarm Display Integrity will display every problem it finds (called alarms) and attach a time and a file name (for multiple files). Now you simply double click on that file and it will launch in your favorite audio editor.
  • CD Verification Now you can scan your homemade CDs to make sure that there are no problems without having to listen to every single track.
  • Autosweep For ease of use, simply copy all of your files into one folder on the drive prior to moving them to CD or other medium. Now just tell Integrity that folders name and it will automatically scan the entire contents without you having to select a thing!
  • Final Answer Now you will know instantly if your system is recording/burning correctly. If not, you'll have important clues on the road to getting it that way.
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