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Marvelous Melodies of Peter Mendoza CD

Marvelous Melodies of Peter Mendoza CD




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For the first time, the compositions of Peter Mendoza was one of the great unsung songwriters of the early 1900's are available to the public. The melodic legacy of a talented composer played and sung by artists of exceptional ability including the composer himself. This collection of songs is unique in a number of ways. For one thing, it is the first time an album of Peter Mendoza?s songs has ever been presented, including compositions that have never been published. For another, Peter Mendoza?s talent as a musician and vocalist is to be heard, preserved on several rare, private recordings. And for still another, bridging a gap of more than sixty years, we can hear and enjoy the top-flight performances of Al Bowlly singing Mendoza songs with the excellent orchestras of Ray Noble and Roy Fox. Supplementing these is a medley of Mendoza songs attributed to the composer?s orchestra, plus tracks by Harry Leader?s Orchestra and others.

  • The Echo of a Song Al Bowlly/-Ray Noble Orchestra
  • My Sweet Al Bowlly/-Ray Noble Orchestra
  • A Song Without Words Al Bowlly/-Ray Noble Orchestra
  • Medley: Mine/You Danced Your Way Into My Heart/If I Thought You Cared- Peter Mendoza,1933
  • One More Affair-Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra
  • It?s Always Goodbye- Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra
  • The Echo of a Song-Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra, June 10, 1932
  • Gone Forever-Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra. June 10, 1932
  • Call It A Day-Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra, September 9, 1932
  • My Sweet-Al Bowlly, May 4, 1934
  • Are You Prepared to be True-Al Bowlly/Roy Fox Orchestra
  • I?ve Got Two of Everything-Denny Dennis/Roy Fox Orchestra
  • The Moment I Saw You-Harry Leader Orchestra
  • I?m Going to Loose My Heart to Someone-Harry Leader Orchestra
  • Mendoza Instrumental Medley Part 1- Peter Mendoza Orchestra
  • Mendoza Instrumental Medley Part 2- Peter Mendoza Orchestra
  • Escape to Yesterday- Vocalist Unknown
  • You Say ?No.?- MarieJay Wilbur
  • My Sweet- Jay Wilbur
  • It?s Always Goodbye- The Savoy Orpheans
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