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Audio Mentor Noise Reduction Software; MP3 and CD Making Software

Audio Mentor Noise Reduction Software;  MP3 and CD Making Software
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DVD tutorials make learning fun and easy

8-Track Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

AudioThe Movie 2: World Of Noise - Add $9.95

Audio: The Movie Tutorial DVD - Add $9.95

Cassette Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

Getting Comfy With Your Computer DVD - Add $9.95

Better Restorations Training DVD - Add $9.95

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter - Add $9.95

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Quick Summary

The Audio Mentor noise reduction software is the perfect choice if you have only a few hundred records or tapes to restore and you are a bit intimidated by highly technical products. Mentor takes you by the hand and leads you through the whole process.

Audio Mentor is the next step in our quest to make the process of audio restoration and enhancement as easy and fast as possible. Even though our DC SEVEN and Millennium products are easy to use after getting acquainted, there is still a learning curve associated with the products to get really proficient. With Audio Mentor, our wizard talks you through this entire process...from hooking your turntable and preamp into your computer, to complete noise reduction and audio enhancement before spitting out a CD or enhanced MP3 at the end. This product is designed so that any level user can become proficient with the product just minutes after installing. You won't believe how easy it is...and powerful. Your treasured recordings will sound like never before and you'll sound like you mastered a complex product...when all you really did is follow our easy step by step instructions.

Important Features

  • Intelligent Training Wheels Leave the driving to us. Our new Training Wheels Intelligent Help guides you step by step through the process...from Record or Tape to CD without ever leaving the program.
  • AutoTrack You'll work on each album side throughout the process. Mentor automatically splits your file into its individual tracks.
  • Auto RIAA Using one of our CTP Computer Transfer Preamps? No problem, just tell Mentor that you're using a flat preamp and it will apply the RIAA EQ curve on the way in...automatically!
  • CD Making We've incorporated a slick new CD maker in Mentor that allows you to stay within our domain and never leave. Make MP3, WMA or Audio CDs with one click of a mouse! This intelligent CD maker also won't let you make a mistake. If you've got a mono file or different sampling rate by accident, our CD Maker automatically changes it to 16 bit 44.1 stereo before writing the CD.
  • MP3 and WMA Automation Quickly change from MP3 or WMA to WAV and back again to load your favorite songs into your I-pod or other MP3 players
  • Better File System Where the heck are my songs? For some of you, the Windows file system can be as confusing as our tax system. No longer...with Mentor, you have three folders built right into the product. You have a New file folder, an I'm Working On These Songs folder, and a Ready For CD Folder. Mentor will transfer the songs from folder to folder as you step through the process and you'll always know where your songs are. Mentor will also keep track of what work you've done on each individual file. Have you run noise reduction? Have you Enhanced? Have you added our special Final Touches? No more guessing. Mentor keeps track of everything!
  • Trim and Fade Windows Need to do some quick editing? Our new Trim and Fade windows make this process easy and fast.
  • CD Database Integration If you're working with CDs, Mentor will instantly dial up the Internet CD Database and assign the names to all of your tracks before you rip them. This will save you the time of doing a Save As when you name the files.
  • CD Ripping Quickly transfer any file from an audio CD to a WAV file.
  • Restoration Product Integration If you need to do more extensive work, simply launch DC SIX, Millennium, DC FIVE or whatever DC product you have...Mentor will bring up your chosen program with the file loaded and ready to go.
  • Enhancement Includes a Level Control, EQ, and Exciter Mode for breathing new life into old stale recordings.
  • Gain Normalize Get the most out of your recordings so that all of your CDs have the same volume.
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