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AudioCenter Custom Built Computer

AudioCenter Custom Built Computer

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AudioCenter Custom Built Computer




Dial In Your AudioCenter

Here are some options you may want to consider to supplement your AudioCenter.

Add A Professional Quality Sound Card - Add $129.00

Add A Cool SSD Drive For Drive C - Add $230.00

Add A Blu-Ray Reader/Writer - Add $200.00

Replace One 1TB drive with a 2TB drive - Add $69.00

Add 4 Gigs Memory (total 8) - Add $100.00

Upgrade to a 6 Core Processor - Add $149.00

Upgrade to a 3.5 gHz Quad Core Processor - Add $89.00


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Call Toll Free 866 260 6376 To Customize Your System!

This is our "mainstream" system but it is far from common. From the moment you make contact with the folks at Tracer by calling 866 260 6376, you'll notice a major difference in how you're treated. Rather than trying to pigeon-hole you into an existing system, we'll discuss the items you want installed and the performance you desire. We only add cost when the hardware you desire requires it. There is No Extra Charge for Installing Your Existing Hardware!

Your Custom Built AudioCenter Computer is built for speed. You won't find trials of Microsoft Office or other "lardware" which simply gunks up the works and slows your system down. If you happen to want Microsoft Office installed on your machine...let us know...we'll install a new copy and include the disks. With this computer, the real difference is the hardware we include in our "basic" machine. It is very fast and expandable. Also...if you happen to have a specific piece of hardware that you own already and need it installed on your new machine, let us know...we'll install it for you while we have the hood up. Here are the features: bold indicates a feature that is not normal in an off-the-shelf PC.

Like all of our Custom Built Computers, we encourage you to call us toll free at 866 260 6376...not so we can bother you with obnoxious sales folks, but so we can better determine exactly what you require. Like trying on a new suit, we want to make sure that your computer fits your needs exactly.

  • Quad Core Processor 3gHz that is overclockable
  • Has 11 USB ports - two of them are USB 3
  • Has Two 1394/Firewire ports
  • Has support for 5 SATA devices
  • Includes HD Audio - front and back with automatic jack selection
  • 4GB of fast DDR3 memory - two Memory slots remain open for easy memory enhancement and upgrade
  • Qty (2) 500GB SATA hard drives
  • DVD writer - also reads and writes CDs
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit - Real Microsoft windows discs included
  • Expandable with two open PCI slots and two open PCI-e slots
  • Memory card reader for all types of memory cards
  • Three high resolution video outputs - Use two monitors and a HiDef TV with HDMI output.
  • System is hand built using Microsoft discs - not an image file
  • System is burned in for three days while temperatures are monitored
  • Wires are dressed to decrease turbulence in airflow which results in lower temperature and slower fan speeds
  • All hardware and software updated to the latest versions - over 150mb of Windows updates installed. Driver, Bios and drive firmware updated to latest
  • Non intrusive Virus Protection included
  • All contents of drive C: backed up to drive D:
  • Emergency boot DVD included to restore system
  • All contents of drive C: also saved on DVDs
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