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The Cassette Tape Advanced Repair Kit

The Cassette Tape  Advanced Repair Kit




Need Any Cassette Repair Stuff?

Repair treasured tape recordings with ease

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

8 Empty Cassette Shells W/Screws - Add $12.50

Cassette Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

Cassette Tape Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Learnin is fun?

DVD tutorials make learning fun and easy

8-Track Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

AudioThe Movie 2: World Of Noise - Add $9.95

Audio: The Movie Tutorial DVD - Add $9.95

Cassette Tape Repair DVD - Add $9.95

Getting Comfy With Your Computer DVD - Add $9.95

Better Restorations Training DVD - Add $9.95

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter - Add $9.95

Need Any Tape Repair Products

Repair you favorite Reel To Reels and 8 Tracks

100 Splicing Quality Razor Blades - Add $5.46

Clear 1/4" Leader Tape for Reel to Reel - Add $23.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Tape - Add $21.95

1/4" 8 Track Splicing Block - Add $37.95

Sensing Foil For 8 Track Tapes - Add $16.95


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Time is not your cassette's best friend, but have no fear, with this advanced kit, you'll be able to renovate and repair your treasured cassettes as well as getting your player back in working condition. Best yet, with our tutorial DVD, you won't have to hold your breath and hope you do the right thing. It walks you through the various procedures with simple easy to follow instructions.

This advanced kit includes:

  • 1 roll of 1/8 Cassette Splicing Tape
  • 3 Empty Screwed Cassette Shells
  • 1 Heavy Duty Splicing Block
  • 5 splicing razor blades
  • Our Training DVD

You'll also receive a 10 day trial of our Audio Mentor software so you can bring your favorite tunes into the 21st century.

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