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Crazy Great 1800 PC

Crazy Great 1800 PC

Crazy Great 1800 PC

The new AMD Ryzen processors have over and over been described with the same word ? disruptive. That?s because the chip has already disrupted the staid world of desktop processors; the world that Intel has looked down on from on high for so long as they charge high prices but deliver good performance.

But now here comes AMD with Ryzen ? a family of CPUs that, upon their release, forced Intel to drop their prices dramatically because they now are the best in terms of raw speed for many applications and because AMD prices their chips a lot lower than Intel. Now don?t get us wrong ? the high end 4 core intel chips will still have an advantage in gaming, but the Ryzen will beat them in most everything else.

Our first thought when we learned about these new processors was to think ? that?s crazy! But then we decided that crazy might be a good thing.

We are proud to offer two new AudioCenter hand-built PCs that make use of these disruptive new chips. One is the most advanced PC we?ve ever offered and the other is perfect for someone who wants a cutting edge system at an affordable price.

So let?s get started with our first new machine. We call it the Crazy Great 1800 or CG1800.

It includes the top-of-the-line Ryzen 1800X processor. This CPU has a variety of sensors that continually monitor temperature, power draw and resource usage, constantly fine tuning all these elements in real time to come up with the best speed and lowest noise operation.

The is a monstrous processor with 8 cores and 16 threads. It will adjust itself between 3.6 and 4gHZ. If you have a liquid cooler, it can go even higher.

So why not? We?re including a Liquid CPU Cooling system so your system will be quieter and run even faster.

Memory is next. Without fast memory, a fast processor can have to wait for data. Waiting gives us frown lines, so we?re included 16GB of DDR4-3200 ram.

How about hard drives? We?ve done a little crazy thinking outside the box there too. Our new Crazy Great 1800 machine ships with an incredible ZERO internal hard drives.

Instead of old and slow mechanical drives that suck power and make noise, we have included TWO 1TB M.2 SSD drives. M.2 are not your every day Solid State Drives ? these are a special type meant to be plugged directly into high-end motherboards. They use no cables at all and are the size of a stick of gum. Our CG1800 has TWO of them, each a whopping 1TB in size. And both are crazy fast.

Power supply? We could easily get by with a 500 watt supply since this machine is a cutting edge power saver, but we?ll put in the latest 650 Watt energy saving supply with internal variable speed fan.

How about audio? Our customers care a lot about that. Our new CG1800 has a an HD audio system developed by Nahamic. It?s segregated on the motherboard from the rest of the components so the signal is pure, clean and silent ? expect when you turn up the music, then the built in amp makes all the difference. The PCI slots are even covered in steel so that noise is kept out of the system. The memory slots are too! We know that?s crazy, but we like it that way.

You get support for two monitors with an HDMI, VGA and DVI-D ports, 6 USB 3.1 ports, 3 USB 2.0 ports, Media reader for all your memory cards and a DVD writer.

You also get a real DVD copy of Windows 10, along with the license key and hologram. We will set this up so that, in the event of a hardware change, you can always reactivate Windows.

This is a crazy system, but we thought long and hard about how to make it even crazier. One habit that many of our customers never get into is backing up their drives on a reasonable schedule. We know, it?s a pain to set up and there are so many choices!

Well, crazy people that we are, we decided to fix that problem. Our CG1800 comes with a 4TB EXTERNAL USB 3 drive that is set to automatically back up BOTH your M.2 SSD drives. This is a power saving and very quiet drive that only spins up when it?s in use. WE think backing up every few days is fine, but you can set it to whatever you want. Included will be an emergency boot disc which will all you to restore should something happen to your data.

So how much is the CG1800? We think it?s a bargain at 99. Give us a call and we can customize it for you as well. What just one M.2 1TB drive? It?ll be cheaper. Want a Blu-Ray? We can do that.



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