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Hot & Rare Edison Recordings CD

Hot & Rare Edison Recordings CD




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Rare bands includes Phil Baxter, The Bluebirds, Earl Gresh, Harold Austin's New Yorkers, Mal Halett, Roanes's Pennsylvanians, Adrian Schubert and his Salon Orchestra, Ted Weems and his orchestra, and more.

This CD is seventy two minutes of foot tapping, "Hot Dance" tunes made during the years 1926 to 1935. The music is upbeat and jazzy and it?s sure to get you dancing. Many of the recordings re-issued here have never been released on LP or CD before. While some of the band names may not be familiar, many of the musicians and arrangers are. Names such as Bix Biederbecke, Ted Weems, Jimmy Dorsey, Mal Hallett, Phil Baxter and others represent the finest musicians and arrangers of the period. This CD release, unlike previous Diamond Cut Production's releases is not based on the Edison lateral collection, but on the private collections of Bill Hebden and John R. T. Davies.

  1. Let's Misbehave- The Bluebirds
  2. Mine All Mine- The Bluebirds
  3. Shooin? Flies- Blue Steele
  4. Sugar Babe- Blue Steele
  5. Nealski- The Wanderers
  6. If I Can't Have You- High Hatters
  7. Hello Swanee Hello- Al Lentz
  8. What A Day- Ted Weems
  9. You Ain?t The One- Charlie Johnson
  10. Charlie Two Step- Roanes Pennsylvanians
  11. Wang Wang Blues- Mal Hallet
  12. My New York- Mal Hallet
  13. When Morning Glory's Wakeup in the Morning- Jacques Renard & his Coconut Grove Orchestra
  14. Syncopated Jamboree- Adrian Schubert
  15. Harvard Hop- Adrian Schubert
  16. Without My Gal- Harold Austin's New Yorkers
  17. My Pretty Girl- Jean Goldette
  18. She's the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys- Six Jumping Jacks
  19. Where the Wild Wild Flowers Grow- Earl Gresh & his Gang Plank Orchestra
  20. I Wanna Be Loved by You- Broadway Nitelites
  21. Darktown Strutters Ball -Coon Sanders Nighthawlks
  22. Where the Blue Bonnets Grow- Phil Baxter
  23. I Ain?t Got No Gal Now- Phil Baxter
  24. Honey Child- Phil Baxter

Total Playing Time: 72:00

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