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LPID Track Identification Software

LPID Track Identification Software

LPID Track Identification Software

Cool New Product

Tracer has been selling Audio Restoration products for 20 years. For just about that long, we've craved a utility that would take a list of freshly restored songs and attached their names to them automatically. Products like our Diamond Cut have no equal in restoring the audio...but unfortunately, at the end of the process, you have a list of songs called Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, etc. Sure, you can plod through your list of thousands of songs, try to remember the name and rename each file...or...spend a few bucks on this slick new utility and simplify your life!

How Does it work?

For long-time users of Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools, the answer should be familiar – it’s done with a spectrogram. Basically, it takes your song, and find the most intense (loud) frequencies and notes these frequencies along with their time and strength. It then continues marching through the file, adding loud frequencies, their amplitude and times to a table. After about 10 seconds, the table is full of dozens (or hundreds) of numeric entries.

This is a “fingerprint” of your song. During recognition, that fingerprint is compared to millions of other fingerprints in a massive database. When a match is found, the song name is retrieved and your original file is copied and renamed to its correct name. Note: your original file is NOT deleted. You can do that when you are sure you have good copy.

The spectrogram looks complicated. Can you explain how it works?

Sure, we already did that with one of our training videos called “Understanding the Spectrogram.” Just click here to buy it.

Understanding The Spectrogram

What happens if my song is not recognized?

It is shown in the left pane of LPID in Red. This lets you know it wasn’t found in the database.

Why would my song not be recognized?

There are several reasons. First, a song must have been on a record. Songs recorded directly from movies or commercials are not typically in the database. Next, songs must be recorded at normal speed. If your turntable is off by more than a few percent, the frequencies shift and the fingerprints may be affected. Lastly, your song might be so unpopular (perhaps rare is a better word) that it has never been added to the database – though we have found some really old and obscure ones with no problem.

We've created a ton of bundles with this, so not only can you add a slick new utility, but you can get some cool things along with it.



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