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Rek-O-Kut Disc Stabalizer Clamp

Rek-O-Kut Disc Stabalizer Clamp





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Rek-O-Kut designed the DISC STABILIZER CLAMP to work with both modern, vinyl records and answer the needs of vintage record collectors. The heavy tracking forces used on 78s can cause internal disc vibrations that reduce clarity and color the sound. The mass of the DISC STABILIZER CLAMP presses the disc firmly to the turntable's platter, thus dampening such vibration. Most similar devices are designed for modern LPs only. The large diameter of other such clamps permits the turntable arm to strike the clamp before the end of play. So we started a redesign from scratch.

These were the design objectives:

  • The mass must be more than that of largest disc played
  • The footprint must be smaller than that of most record labels
  • Its profile must prevent contact with arm's headshell, cartridge or stylus till the end of play of unusual discs
  • The mass must not cause undo wear to the turntable's bearings
  • To protect fragile shellac or glass records, the handle must be easily and firmly graspable

This is the original Rek-O-Kut product and not a low-cost copy or "B" stock. It is made of precision-machined brass, and finished with a "black chrome" coating.

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