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Rek-O-Cut CVS-14 14" Capable Turntable

Rek-O-Cut CVS-14 14" Capable Turntable

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Rek-O-Cut CVS-14 14" Capable Turntable




Don't Return It To A Dirty Sleeve

Shiny new paper sleeves for your favorite vinyl

45 Adapter and Turntable Level - Add $75.00

100 New White LP Paper Sleeves - Add $14.99

Need Any Record Stuff?

Cool supplies not normally found.

45 Adapter and Turntable Level - Add $75.00

Disc Doctor Record Cleaning Kit - Add $65.45

Keep Your Turntable On The Road

Some stuff you may need to make your turntable happy

HIFI News Test Setup Record - Add $43.95

Shure SC-4 Stylus Cleaner - Add $9.95


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The 50th Anniversary Edition REK-O-KUT CVS-14 is a fully manual 33/45/78 RPM turntable with a continuously variable and calibrated "78" range of from 62 to 94 rpm. The high-torque, direct-drive motor provides fast start and stop braking. It can play in reverse. A switch is provided which permits playing vertical cut records such as Edison and Pathe records. Supplied with dust cover, slip mat and our 12-speed Super Strobe for speeds from 68.5 to 90 rpm. Not supplied with phono cartridge or styli. These must be purchased separately. The CVS-14 is recommended for both audiophile and vintage records.
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