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Cassette Deck Cleaning Kit

Cassette Deck Cleaning Kit

Cassette Deck Cleaning Kit

Many of our customers have a vintage cassette deck that they use in transferring cassette audio to digital – or they just like listening to cassettes.

Don’t get rid of that deck because they aren’t making good ones anymore. Sure, there are lots of “portable” units, but nothing like a nice Pioneer, JVC, Panasonic, Nakamichi or Sony.

If you have a cassette deck of any kind, you should be cleaning the heads, pinch rollers and Capstan. That can be a pain for many decks because it's hard to get to the heads and on many good decks the parts only move when a cassette is inserted. The old Q-Tip method is hard to do on these decks.

We’re happy to offer a new cleaning kit that solves all those problems.

Just put some of the liquid cleaner on the five pads and play the cassette for about 15 seconds. This uses a rotating mechanical movement to clean not only the heads, but also the capstan and pinch rollers.

As the pads wear, you can replace them easily with the included spares!! Here's what you get:

  1. Cassette with five pads. The head cleaning pad moves back and forth across the head as the cassette is played.
  2. Two complete sets of replacement pads. Just remove the old ones as shown in the pictures and pop in new.
  3. A set of "tweezers" to remove the head cleaning pad. It's super easy to do.
  4. 30ml of isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution.
  5. A carrying case to store everything in. No Mess!
    1. These are brand new with full bottles of cleaner. If you have a cassette deck, don't miss this!



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