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Treasured Recordings Restoration Services

Treasured Recordings Restoration Services

Treasured Recordings Restoration Services

Remembering The Sounds Of Your Life...

Audio plays such a big part of our lives...over the years, we accumulate recordings of music, voice and other important events. Of course, most of these events are now stored on vinyl or tape recordings that are simply running out of time. Before you lose something important, why not contact the audio restoration experts at Tracer Technologies and let us clean up those recordings and move them to a new Digital source.

Tracer Technologies has been selling high quality audio restoration products for over 15 years...our products are the best in the business and our technicians are experts at making your memories sound as if they happened yesterday.

Whether your treasured recordings are stored on vinyl albums, 78s or 45s, 16" disks, or even cassette or other tape, we'll take those recordings and clean and enhance them so they sound as close to new as is humanly possible.

Just follow the instructions below to get started:



Item Options

Selecting The Source Material*

You can record the material yourself per the instructions or...you can choose to send us either an alternative audio source. Just select below and mail to the address PO Box 189 Windsor, PA 17366. Price includes US mail return of your master with $100 of insurance.

Record Your Wave File

Submit A Vinyl Record Or Cassette Tape - Add $25.00

Submit An Alternate Master (call first) - Add $60.00

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